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floydrox's Journal

13 September 1991
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Hey, it's Lana. I'll start with the basics...I'm 14, I live in Anderson Township, and I'm a freshman at Anderson High School. I have a lot of interests *points towards bottom of page* or "obsessions" (quoting my friends), and I'm pretty unusual. Feel free to explore my site. Comment me, email me, friend me if you want, whatever (you add me, I'll add you). I don't care who you are. But before you do something stupid or rude, let me warn you that I don't take bullshit. That being said, take no hesitation. Have a nice life!



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acting retarded with friends, american graffiti, amusement parks, anderson high school, animal's rights, animals, anti-abercrombie, anti-animal cruelty, anti-emo, anti-fanfiction, anti-fangirls, anti-hollister, anti-political correctness, anti-prep, anti-slash, anti-teen magazines, apple computers, autism, baking, black cat fireworks, blondie, bluntness, board games, camping, candles, cats, caving, cedar point, charleston south carolina, chocolate, cincinnati, coach z, conservatism, cooking, creedence clearwater revival, cyndi lauper, dance dance revolution, debating, delia's, dire straits, draco and the malfoys, draco malfoy, electric light orchestra, everybody hates chris, fender guitars, forrest gump, game boy advance, going out to eat, greek mythology, harry potter books, harry potter movies, haunted hikes, haunted houses, hiking, homestar runner, hot topic, ichat, incense, independence, individuality, ipods, itunes, jeopardy, jesus christ superstar, jewelry, jewelry making, kimba, kings island, laser tag, limewire, macintosh computers, making videos, memoirs of a geisha, mtv, myspace, napolean dynamite, nature, numa numa dance, parappa the rapper, pat benatar, perfume, pink floyd, planes, planes trains and automobiles, playing guitar, playing piano, playstation, prank calling, puma, rainman, randomness, red river gorge, reno 911, rock climbing, rock concerts, rock music, rock operas, rollercoasters, saw, schindler's list, sega genesis, slytherin, sonic the hedgehog, star wars, surfing the web, sushi, the apprentice, the beach water park, the beatles, the cars, the environment, the joy luck club, the lion king, the mall, the outsiders, the ramones, the who, toilet papering, tom felton, tom petty, trivia, verizon wireless, video games, wheel of fortune, writing, yellow submarine,